Artificial intelligence helpdesk software for brilliant customer service

Say goodbye to your traditional software. Give your helpdesk the power of AI.

Right here – the greatest power of artificial intelligence (AI) helpdesk software: the ability to eliminate high-volume, low-value helpdesk operations for your support team.

Artificial intelligence helpdesk software

Understands the customer inquires

The artificial intelligence helpdesk observes and learns from every customer inquiry. Over time, automatically assigns the right inquiries to the right agent without manual intervention.

Extracts and classifies the data

It extracts and classifies the essential customer information into the right input masks for agents' perusal. Agents get better suggestions and solutions every day.

Automates repetitive, low-value tasks

AI helpdesk automates repetitive responses to complex tasks and allows the team more time for complex tasks.


No manual sorting anymore

Collect, sort, comment, answer customer messages and work together on a single helpdesk for inquiries flooding in from various channels.

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No more copy and paste

AI capabilities in the helpdesk collect critical information from customer conversations automatically. To settle cases on time, you can use AI-based pre-formulated responses. Smart and speedy.

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Intelligent workload distribution

AI helpdesk knows your support staff, thus, every customer inquiry is assigned to the right agents based on their experience and skillssets.

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Power of AI that helps your helpdesk

For an artificial intelligence helpdesk to precisely identify your routine customer service processes and intelligently extract relevant data for further processing, you need an adequate pool of sample customer cases – and a little patience. Feed the AI helpdesk with customer cases, and it begins to recognize the content only after a few examples. After 50-100 exemplary cases, it suggests you, for instance, if a particular case comes in the “refunds” category or the right smart response you should be sending to the customer - in just a click.

Power of AI that helps your helpdesk
How does the AI helpdesk work?

How does the AI helpdesk work?

The theory of reciprocal intelligence: Artificial intelligence helpdesk learns continually from the reactions of your service professionals. And offers support to your agents. As a result, everyone gets a little more intelligent each day.

  • The AI helpdesk learns from training sets and experience from multiple customer cases.

  • It captures essential customer data to be used at the right spot or put the right data into the right input masks for the agents' perusal.

  • AI helpdesk understands each customer interaction, recognizes the topics customers are talking about, and validates the customer information for the support staff.

  • It then processes all the information, converts them into insights, or suggests solutions to the agents working on a customer case.

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Artificial Intelligence Helpdesk

The impact of artificial intelligence on service management continues to rise. Artificial intelligence(AI) helpdesk is the one in which intelligent routing, user behavior analysis, predictive analyses, and contextual intelligence, and much more are being translated into machine learning, deep study, natural language processing, and other cognitive innovations in service desks. AI capabilities of the helpdesk help reduce costs, increase agents' efficiency, support forecasting, recognize challenges, better handle changes and enhance key indicators like resolving times and enforcement levels for SLA.

While there's so much hype around good AI helpdesk available, ThinkOwl is one of the best that offers all the AI-enabled features within one single helpdesk to boost the helpdesk productivity of many global enterprises.

Getting started with the AI helpdesk is as easy as it gets because it learns by doing.
Thanks to its deep learning capabilities, the AI helpdesk (and you) perpetually grow smarter with every customer interaction.